Awarded Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Therapist For AUS 2011

My name is Wendy Peters. Having worked for many years in fashion, interior design and costume jewellery, I turned my artistic flair to enhancing faces and, in 2000, trained as a Permanent Make-up Technician.

To ensure you receive beautiful permanent make-up, I ensure that I am always completely up-to-date with the latest technology and trends and continue to attend regular training courses in the UK, Australia and the USA. I offer a full range of facial enhancements as well as areola re-pigmentation/restoration, skin needling and non laser tattoo removal.

Permanent make-up is my full-time career, running a busy practice in several locations from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. I have completed thousands of treatments, gaining extensive experience in advanced cosmetic tattoo techniques. I work alongside doctors in all locations in medical clinics and as the owner of a General Medical Practice; you can be assured you are in a safe, clean environment.

Permanent Cosmetic, Permanent Make-up, Micro-pigmentation and Cosmetic Tattoo are all terms describing the same thing; the implantation of pigment beneath the surface of the skin with needles. Fabulous permanent make-up requires knowledge of the skin, the structure of the face, traditional colour theory, as well as colour theory as it relates to implanted pigments. Colour takes on a completely different personality in the skin, because the very skin the pigment is being implanted into has colour of its own that contributes to the final outcome.

Approximately 35% of my work is correcting poor work from other technicians. It is harder to correct work that has been badly done, and is costly to the client. Ensure you choose your technician wisely.

I specialize in a soft natural cosmetic look that will enhance your face without being too bold or overdone.

Look Like Yourself, Only Better!!

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