Eyebrow Treatments

Anyone who has over tweezed, has gaps or scars, or people suffering from alopecia. Every face is meant to have brows. Eyebrows frame the face and give the face expression and character.

Ultra Lift 3D hair stroke brow – using precise hair addition, to balance, shape, lift and harmonize the brow. If you don’t have enough hair to work with, no amount of tweezing, grooming, or pencil can give you a permanently perfect brow shape…. My Ultra Lift 3D hair stroke brow means you wake up every day with perfect brows!

FeatherTouch / Microblade brows – using a hand tool to create incredibly natural hairstrokes, only suitable for certain skin types.

Brows appear to be totally natural as well as lend personal freedom from the laborious chore of applying them each morning and sometimes repeatedly throughout the day.

Shadow Brow – Soft, subtle and beautiful.

Ombre/Combination Brow – A soft powdery brow with graduated colour, hairstrokes can be added at the front to create a movement.

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