Anyone with pale eyes, blonde lashes, oily skin, small eyes needing definition and shape, contact lens wearers, people with allergies, poor eyesight for those who just don’t want to take the time for tedious liner application.

Lash enhancement and semi-permanent eyeliner are also a favourite for people on the go, especially those with allergies. No running or smearing from over the counter eyeliners.

Designer Shaded eyeliner

Creates a beautiful, soft powdery shadow look using three tones of colour that will enhance your own eyecolour.

Treatments available:

  • Lash Enhancement
  • Eyeliner upper and lower
  • Eyeliner extended – wings or wedge
  • Designer shaded eyeliner – 2 colours
  • Designer shaded eyeliner with smudgy effect – 3 colours

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