It is Estimated that over 3 million Australians have a single or multiple tattoos on their bodies. Close to 50% of these will want one or more removed at some time in later life.

Skinial tattoo removal uses a removal liquid based on lactic acid to remove tattoos, a substance that is naturally produced by the body’s own metabolism. The beauty of this system is that it actually REMOVES the tattoo ink from the skin.

Using a tattoo machine, the removal liquid penetrates the skin and the body naturally breaks down the pigment. A scab is formed and when this falls off, the pigment goes with it and the tattoo is removed without laser! It works on all ink colours and is suitable for all size tattoos including semi-permanent make-up. Generally, only 3-4 treatments are needed.

We use the highest standard of hygiene; our tattoo machines are medical grade equipment and our technicians go through a rigorous training which we continue to constantly update following the latest scientific research.

It is also recommended that clients have a consultation and patch/tolerance test to ensure no allergic reaction, although allergic reactions are extremely rare.  Tattoo removal costs vary according to the size of tattoo, but as generally only 3-4 treatments are needed it is more cost effective than any other method.

What you Should Know about the Dangers of Laser Tattoo Removal

Until recently, the only known tattoo removal method was by laser. Currently there are great concerns over this method as laser breaks down the pigment into smaller molecules which are then transported through the lymphatic system – it is unknown what reaction the molecules can trigger in the body.

Research studies by the university clinic in Regensburg, Germany (published in Arzteblatt Sachsen-Anhalt) have discovered the following: ‘With laser tattoo removal it is certain that by the division of tattoo colouring matter, especially under ultraviolet radiation, aromatic amine with carcinogenic effects can be released into the skin. These molecules are then detected in the lymph nodes.’ The pigment is broken up and carried into the deeper layers of the skin which can form shadows. Laser tattoo removal does not remove all colours and sometimes turns the colour luminous and, although burns are not always visible, the connective tissue underneath is often scarred.

Laser tattoo removal is a very painful removal method and takes many treatments, sometimes up to 15!

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